“Sexercise” makes a person slimmer – if you do enough of it. Combining sex and fitness is like killing two birds with one stone. Sex gets you fit. And being fit makes you want to have more sex. This is, in large part, because of all of the benefits a good sexercise routine offers, like: improved blood flow in strengthening your heart, better cholesterol, changing more of your bad cholesterol (LDL) to good cholesterol (HDL), weight control, better sleep and greater energy, including longer life and a better quality of life.


Sexercise: Spice Up Your Sex Life and Get Fit in the Process

Sexercise: Spice Up Your Sex Life and Get Fit in the ProcessSexercise: Spice Up Your Sex Life and Get Fit in the Process
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This raunchy new book from Ann Summers will show you how to get the most pleasure from sex, and feel great in the process! Sections include sex moves and fitness, exercises to promote sexual desire, genital exercises for heightened orgasm, and positions that get results. Not only will you and your partner spice up your lovemaking sessions, you’ll look and feel fantastic! Illustrated with sexy colour photos throughout, Ann Summers’ Sexercise puts the fun back into fitness.

Sexercise: Fitness Never Felt So Good!

Treadmills and Stairmasters can be cruel task masters. A great bike ride, a long walk, or run can get you a lot of sunshine and fresh air, but experts have a new suggestion for staying in shape, which has nothing to do with low carb diets, or eating more vegetables.

Instead of, or even better, in addition to, all those diets and hard work, medical researchers are now touting the health benefits of frequent sexual intimacy.

That’s right, “sexercise” can make a person slimmer, particularly if it is done on a frequent basis. Best of all, while sex can help to get you fit, being in great shape will help you to want more sex. The benefits of a regular sexercise program are pretty impressive. Here’s a list of six things that regular sex can do for you.

1. Improved blood flow, which is good for every part of your body.

2. Strengthens heart function.

3. Better cholesterol, in changing your bad cholesterol (LDL) to good cholesterol (HDL).

4. Makes weight control easier by burning calories and raising your metabolic action.

5. Improves sleep, thereby raising your energy level.

6. Increases longevity and improves life quality.

There are also specific benefits that directly impact individuals based on their gender and age. First, men 45 and older who have benign prostrate enlargement, very common into and through middle age, will experience improved urine flow, which can reduce or eliminate the need to get up during the night to use the bathroom.

That alone can dramatically impact and improve your energy as it helps you to get an uninterrupted night’s rest. Second, women will feel more attractive with increased sexual activity since they produce more estrogen and oxytocin. Third, both men and women will expierence shinier and smoother hair a healthier skin glow as pores become cleansed, thanks to regular and increased levels of perspiration.

If you’re sold on the benefits of sexercise, your next question might be, how do I get started? Well we don’t mean the how you do it, we’re assuming you know that part, we’re talking about the how long and how often.

Depending on your current state of health you may want to start by getting a physical, particularly if you haven’t done that in a while. Remember, you’re talking about a level of physical activity that you may not have attempted for a long period of time, such as accelerating your heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure. You’re also going to be testing your level of strength, stamina, and of course, flexibility. As with any form of exercise, you’re well advised to make sure that you’re good to go.

As for the frequency and duration of your sex, start with three times a week with an idea of building to four or five times a week. Aim for a duration of 20 minutes, and build to thirty or more. Generally this means a generous amount of foreplay, and for men in particular, pacing yourself. This may seem like a huge time commitment, but in reality it’s not. The average person spends far longer than that at night watching sitcoms, sports, news, reality shows, dramas, not to mention the latest DVD from Netflix.

Sex for 30 minutes burns up to 350 calories, depending on how physically active you are with your partner during intimacy. This is the equivalent of the calories burned during a half a hour at a moderate level on a Stairmaster or 60 minutes of walking at a brisk pace.

Sex five times per week can burn nearly 2,000 calories! The more active partner, generally the one on top can burn that or more. Smart sexercising couples take turns in a variety of positions.

In four weeks or less you’ll notice some nice improvements in the tone of your stomach, your back, butt, arms and legs. Keep your sexercise routine fresh with new positions and ideas, what you don’t want to do is fall into a routine that’s as boring as a treadmill.

After a good sexercise session you may want to pamper each other with a joint shower or bath, and before you’re done, maybe have one more tryst for good measure. If you do you can skip your next workout and treat yourselves to a second dessert.



Sex on a fitness ball

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Sexy Balls: The Ultimate Guide to SEX on a Fitness Ball, Unit One

Do you feel that it is time to change your Sex life and try something different? Are you lacking the time and or motivation to hit the gym as consistently as you would like? Are you wishing that you work out could bring you as much pleasure as having sex? If yes, we have the answer for you!

Sexy Balls is a book for everyday people who want the ultimate sex life. Sexy Balls explores sex in several positions, all with added intensity from a fitness ball. Everybody knows exercise is key to a good ticker and a more sleek physique.

Not only does the fitness ball provide extra ‘bounce’, you also get a better workout than any other sexual position. Inside the book you’ll find details of how many calories are burnt and which muscles are utilised in each Sexercise position.

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Screw the Gym

Sexercise: 7 Positions That Get You in Shape

Forget your personal trainer. And while you’re at it, you might want to ditch the treadmill. According to Kerry McCloskey, author of The Ultimate Sex Diet, your man might be the only fitness resource you’ll ever need. Her philosophy is simple: More passion burns more calories. You and your guy can step up your fitness regimes simply by increasing the frequency and intensity of your lovemaking. We don’t know about you, but that’s a plan that we think we can stick to! Here, seven positions for workouts that are as pulse-pounding as they are pleasurable:

Crouching Tiger, Aroused Dragon
Both partners will quickly realize why the Crouching Tiger has great pleasure and orgasm potential. In this position, the woman does a sexy squat above the man %u2011- in a catcher’s position. This is the perfect chance for her to use her PC muscles to “catch” his member and clench him tight. The woman can then support herself by putting her hands anywhere on his body for support and then move herself up and down. It also allows the woman to have better control of the depth and pace of the penetration. She can even vary it to tease her partner a little and make sex more interesting. The up and down motion may create different sensations than the regular woman-on-top position in which she is lying down in a straddle, moving back and forth. Of course, she will be in better control of her orgasm. If she allows a deep penetration, she can stimulate her G-spot more often. More shallow penetration will touch the edge of the vaginal opening, which is still a pleasurable sensation. Additionally, if the woman leans back, her clitoris can be stimulated. In terms of muscle tone, this position will work her inner thigh and calf muscles. Meanwhile, to get a better view, the man should lift his head and contract his stomach muscles. Maintaining this position as long as possible will give his abdomen a hard workout. He should feel the tension and clench tighter as it starts to burn. He can even reach forward and caress his partner’s body and add to everyone’s pleasure.<

Down Doggy! Good Doggy!
This erotic, animalistic position is very similar to the usual doggy style, with a few slight changes. After the man enters from behind, as in the regular doggy position, the woman leans down and supports her weight on her elbows, rather than staying on all fours, while the man lifts one bent leg forward, rather than kneeling on both knees. This is highly erotic for the woman because it places direct pressure on her G-spot, which is on the anterior (tummy side) vaginal wall, intensifying her climax. The woman can also maneuver the penetration by slightly arching her back or raising herself a bit. Meanwhile, the man will feel extraordinary sensations in his private parts. This position is also appealing for the change of pace involved in not always looking at each other’s face. The woman will feel the tension in her triceps while making love in this position and the man will work his thighs when his leg stays raised. He should switch legs halfway through to hit the G-spot from a different angle.

Humpty Bumpty
In this position, the man is sitting up while the woman is sitting on him with her legs raised in the air in a straddle. She holds onto his neck with her hands while he maneuvers her back and forth. This will work the woman’s arms, stomach and legs. The man will tone his arms while moving the woman’s body, and will strengthen his legs from the support he is providing to his partner.

Wheelbarrow of Fun
The woman lies on her stomach on the bed with her legs slightly open and her knees slightly off the edge. The man stands behind her at the end of her bed and lifts her legs up toward him, until he is able to enter from behind. The woman then bends her legs and wraps them around him, locking her feet together at the ankles, while the man holds her with his hands and rests her on his thighs. This will tone the triceps and lower back. You can also try this on the floor. If you’re really talented, you can try walking around the room while in this position and think back to your days in summer camp during color war.

Fatal Attracting
This position is reminiscent of the scene in the move Fatal Attraction, when Glenn Close is sitting on the counter while she and Michael Douglas are engaged in wild sex. Doing it spread-eagle on the table while your man faces you to thrust from the front creates mega heat in a minimal amount of time. “He’s sure to come quickly because he plunges deep,” says Anne Hooper, author of The Great Sex Guide. “Plus, men get off on the novelty of doing it somewhere new to them, [since] out of the bedroom equals no-holds-barred.

Let’s Get Crazy
This position is a great workout for the woman’s stomach and buttocks. While lying on her back, the woman extends her legs straight in the air, slightly spread, with her rear lifted off the ground. The man bends down in a slight squat to enter her, working his quads, and when using his arms for support, he works his triceps.

The woman lies on her side, while the man kneels and straddles her bottom leg perpendicularly (i.e., at a right angle to her, thus forming a terrific “T”) and then enters her. Her top leg remains extended upward, gently supported by the man. When done correctly, this can be a great position for deep penetration, while exposing the clitoris for manual stimulation. This double stimulation is very gratifying and can often lead to the big “O” very quickly.


The Ultimate Sex Diet: The Secret Formula for a Slimmer, Healthier, More Passionate Life

Sexercise in the News

Eva Longoria Parker likes being tied up during sex.
I have sex with him five times a day – maybe that has something to do with it. I have to admit, I’m a nymphomaniac with him. It’s sexercise!”
How to spice up your sex life
Forget skimpy lingerie or female Viagra, the secret to spicing up your sex life lies in sexercise. As from next month, London-based fitness chain Gymbox
Having a good old-fashioned orgasm could save your life
Top of the list is sexercise the idea that horizontal jogging is a proper workout. Take more exercise is something doctors are always banging on about

Partner Yoga for Friends or Lovers

Lovers’ Yoga: Soothing Stretches for Two

Lovers' Yoga: Soothing Stretches for TwoLovers’ Yoga: Soothing Stretches for Two
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Best-selling author Darrin Zeer knows it takes two to tango-and two to yoga! His latest winner, Lovers’ Yoga, shows how easy it is for couples to indulge in nurturing, soothing partner exercises to relax, rejuvenate, and create deep, lasting bonds. Delightfully illustrated, this little handbook outlines 60 surprisingly simple stretches organized into five chapters-Playful, Powerful, Peaceful, Patient, and Passionate. The exercises build on one another, so couples can indulge in one stretch, a chapter sequence, or the entire book from beginning to end. Whether time allows for a few minutes or a few hours, Lovers’ Yoga aims to renew the connection and reignite the passion.

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